IBDSC twitter chat – “Extraintestinal manifestations in IBD” (June 22 @ 1pm ET)

IBDSC chat - Extraintestinal manifestations in IBD

The IBD Social Circle is hosting a twitter chat on Wednesday, June 22 at 1pm ET.

The topic for this chat is Extraintestinal Manifestations in IBD. For a great primer on this topic, check out this article from Inflamed & Untamed: Overview: What Are Extraintestinal Manifestations in IBD?

Ryan Stevens of Crohn’s Guy will be hosting this chat, along with Brooke Abbott of The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles. The featured healthcare practitioner is Dr. Peter Higgins, IBD physician researcher from The University of Michigan.

Use #ibdsc to join the chat. See below for more information on how to get involved!

How to Participate in Twitter Chats

To join a twitter chat, you have to follow its hashtag, and include the hashtag in your tweets. IBD Social Circle chats use #ibdsc. You can follow #ibdsc from within twitter, or by using another site such as Tweetchat or Tweetdeck. One advantage of Tweetchat is that it adds the hashtag to every tweet automatically. Tweetdeck (tweetdeck.twitter.com) is very useful in that it allows you to follow multiple columns of tweets based on filters you setup. Whichever website or app you plan to use for the chat, give yourself plenty of time to learn how it works before the chat begins.

Twitter – #ibdsc

Tweet Chat – #ibdsc

Tweetdeck  tweetdeck.twitter.com

Tweeten – Tweeten is the new desktop version of Tweetdeck. It is currently in beta testing, and has versions for Windows, OS X, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, which can be downloaded here: http://tweeten.xyz/.

Make Your Account Public: You will not be able to participate if your twitter account is set to protected/private, as the only twitter users who will see your tweets are those that follow you. Twitter accounts are set to public/unprotected by default. If you have set yours to protected/private, follow this link for instructions on changing it back to unprotected/publicProtecting and unprotecting your Tweets

Just the facts:

What: Twitter chat about extraintestinal manifestations in IBD

When: Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm ET

Where: Twitter, using the hashtag #ibdsc

Who: Ryan Stevens, Brooke Abbott, Dr. Peter Higgins, and other IBD patients, advocates, health professionals, etc!

This IBD Social Circle event is being sponsored by Janssen Biotech. All views expressed by participants are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Janssen Biotech. For more information on the IBD Social Circle: http://ibdsocialcircle.com/

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